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Sports clips & MOD PIZZA

We partnered with Sport Clips and MOD Pizza at Mountain Grove Shopping Center in a fundraiser benefiting Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Primary school in Ofoase, Ghana.

Primary school in Ofoase, Ghana.

Convergence International

Through our friends at Convergence International, we were able to donate money towards the building of 14 desks, just in time for the 2018 school year! Our hope is that through our giving, not only will the children of Ofoase have a place to learn, but a place to find a purpose, without lack, for their lives!

Your on-going small business support allowed for us to make a large donation at the 3rd Annual Reaching the World Auction (2019) to fundraise enough money to FINISH the medical clinic in Ofoase, Ghana.


November: prostate Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

The Meek House was a part of a local, annual, fundraiser, Movember Mustache Mayhem. This fun, active, outdoor day raises over $500 yearly and all proceeds are donated to further the research for a cure for prostate cancer. In-store collections via mustache cookie bake sale were also donated to the PC foundation, allowing our customers to be a part of the fight for a cure!

Sandals church momentum project

We give a monthly donation to the church our owners are affiliated with and have faithfully attended over the last 5 years. We believe that the money that we make as a business is not ours to keep, but to be cheerfully given in order to further the kingdom of God, here on earth as it is in heaven. We’ve chosen to specifically donate and make a pledge towards the Momentum Project for this reason alone, over the course of the next 1.5 years.

from their website:

Our goal is to raise $10 million above and beyond our regular giving so that we are ready to move with the momentum God is creating with this vision to be real with ourselves, God and others. 

Not only are we creating spaces for people to be real all over the world, but we’re positioning ourselves to be ready for whatever God may bring next.